Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Ask: I don't have online banking account, can I pay via ATM Transfer / Cash Deposit Machine / Deposit Over Counter?

Answer: Yes, you may.

Ask: How will I receive the voucher?

Answer: The voucher will be sent to the email address that you submit in the form.

Ask: How long to take to process my order?

Answer: You will receive ordered item less than 8 hours.

Ask: Can I make payment other than Maybank / CIMB bank?

Answer: Yes, you may. We accept interbank GIRO transfer.

Ask: Do I need to check stock status with you?

Answer: No, you don't. All premium accounts stock are always available.

Ask: Should I submit verification form before or after I payment?

Answer: Please submit payment verification form only after you make payment.

Ask: Why I need to submit payment verification form?

Answer: The form is to verify payment and for us to send ordered item to authorised email address.

Ask: How do I contact you?

Answer: Email to us: helpdesk [at]